Get Your Garden Prepared For Spring

Get your garden prepared for spring

Have you been thinking about planting a garden this year? Now is the perfect time to start getting your spring garden prepared for a year of growth! 

–  Prepare your garden beds. One of the first things to prepare in your garden this spring is your flower beds. Make sure each flower bed has the proper soil and nutrients. This is also an ideal time to begin any tilling that you need to do. 

Get rid of weeds and pests. This isn’t the most fun task to do when it comes to gardening, but it’s important if you want your garden to thrive. Be sure to weed your garden when you first start noticing weeds popping up. This ensures that the weeds don’t take root in your garden and become a yearly problem. 

Start fertilizing. Depending on what kind of plants you have in your garden, they all have different needs. Make sure to start fertilizing a couple of weeks before you begin planting. This gives the fertilizer enough time to spread the nutrients through the soil. 

Have you prepared your garden for spring? Stop by Hudson’s today to pick up the gardening essentials you need this season.