Vegetables And Herbs To Grow At Home For Beginners

Vegetables and herbs to grow at home for beginners

Is this the year you finally decided to start a backyard garden? These vegetables are low maintenance and are perfect for beginner gardeners. 

1. Bell peppers. Bell peppers are the perfect snack and also a great ingredient to spice up your dishes. Peppers are similar to tomatoes in terms of growth, they require full heat, full sun, plenty of water, and nutritious soil. 

2. Lettuce. Lettuce is perfect for those yummy summer salads. Lettuce is actually one of the most low-maintenance and most satisfying vegetables to grow. After planting your lettuce, you will be ready to enjoy those delicious salads within a few weeks. 

3. Tomatoes. Nothing beats plucking a juicy tomato that you grew right from your own garden and using it in a recipe. Tomatoes are annuals, meaning that these are typically planted when the spring weather starts warming up. They require heat, full sun, water, and fertile soil. Make sure you are watering your tomatoes frequently and fertilizing them monthly. 

4. Basil. Do you love to cook? Your meal tastes better when it’s cooked with ingredients you grew yourself. Basil is especially ideal for those who don’t have a big garden or only have a balcony. Basil can either be grown in garden beds or containers. Make sure your basil plant stays in a sunny spot and gets watered weekly. 

We have plenty of garden seeds, vegetables, and herbs to help you get started on your garden! Stop by Hudson’s today to get the garden essentials you need.