What Grass Is Best For Summer In The Triangle

Homeowners desire to make their home?s landscaping look beautiful but knowing what type of grass seed would work best can be puzzling.  Landscaping is a large part of maintaining a beautiful home. Growing grass in different parts of North Carolina can be tricky but here are a few that seem to do well. 

4 Types of Grass That May Work For You:

  • Fescue: Tall Fescue will do most of its growth when the temperatures average from 70-80 degrees. Fescue can also handle extreme temperatures and drought.   Many people enjoy fescue because it doesn?t usually get many weeds. Re-seeding will need to take place in the fall but will be ready for growth and ability to fill in when spring and the major growth spurt occurs. Fescue is a beautiful grass when it is in full bloom and will make your yard look rich, green, and beautiful.
  • Bermudagrass: Bermudagrass is another great low maintenance grass type for homeowners in the Garner and Clayton areas. Bermuda does well in drought conditions and can grow in various types of soil. It thrives in areas with full sunlight and is great for heavy traffic areas. Bermuda does well in yards with pets or children because it can stand up well to their foot traffic. Bermuda is dormant during colder months and is light brown while it is dormant.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass: Kentucky bluegrass is another grass that stands up well to traffic.   It also provides a bright green attractive color. Kentucky bluegrass will also be able to handle the excessive heat during the summer and when we experience drought. During excessive temperature changes you may notice that this grass looks somewhat dormant. Once it gets the correct temperature and water supply, the growth will take with no issues. 
  • Centipede: Centipede is a low maintenance grass. The fact that the grass is low maintenance is one of the main reasons homeowners enjoy it.   Centipede is a lighter green grass and does really well in full sun. This grass also has a high tolerance to heat and drought.

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