Thank you for visiting Hudson’s Hardware Animal Health department! Our pets and farm animals have become more like family members, and proper care requires more knowledge and expense than ever before. At Hudson’s Hardware, we are pleased to be able to offer the tips and products you need to properly care for your animal family in the most reasonable way.

Purina, Nutrena, and Coker Feeds make up our line-up of high nutrition farm animal feed products for your horses, cows, pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits. We also carry the usual feed supplements along with plenty of Timothy and Coastal Bermuda hays.

Our preferred pet food brands for dogs and cats are Purina Exclusive, ProPlan, Diamond, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo,  and Victor. For the best deal, we’ll be happy to load the 40lb and 50lb bags for you!

Be sure to stop in and check out our broad offering of chemicals, cleaners, and insecticides from vendors like Adams and Happy Jack to safely use on and around your animals. In addition to a great selection of toys and treats from Kong and Scotts, we also have many pet collars, leashes, and horse accessories.

We love birds as much as you do, that’s why we have a great selection of seeds and feeders to keep them coming back to your house. Whether it’s nectar, sunflower, or suet cakes, Hudson’s Hardware has got you covered for your days of bird watching.

Diane Duclos is the best person to call at Hudson’s Hardware for advice on animal health. Diane has been helping customers care for their animals for over 20 years and she continues to learn more every day from our vendors, local vets, and customers with real-life experiences. Diane can be reached at 919-553-3030.

Diane Duclos