Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips | Hudson's Hardware

It’s that time of year again when everyone has started Spring Cleaning. Even if you don’t have a lawn to mow, you probably have some chemicals around or a ladder that you will be using to clean those pesky high corners. Either way, Hudson’s Hardware would like to remind you to keep it safe! Here are five safety tips to help get your family through Spring.

Tip #1: Remember to store chemicals out of the reach of children. If you lack high storage, consider adding a lock to the cabinet for that extra peace of mind.

Tip #2: When using a ladder, be sure that you place it on firm ground that is level. Also, consider the weather conditions. Is it windy or rainy? If this is the case, it’s advised that you wait until you can ensure that there are no slippery conditions that could increase the chance of the ladder, or the climber, falling.

Tip #3: Along with wearing personal protective gear when using power tools, we would like to remind you to make sure each tool does not have any damage to it before use. If the tool becomes damaged while using it, remember to remove the power source before making repairs.

Tip #4: If it is time to change the blades on your lawn mower, we would suggest removing the spark plug before you remove the blades. This helps to eliminate the chance of the engine starting and the blades spinning during removal. Additionally, while working with the blades, be sure to wear heavy-duty work gloves to protect yourself from getting cut.

Tip #5: Be sure to take breaks while working. Heat exhaustion can occur at any point in the year, even if it isn’t the Summer. Stay hydrated and aware of what your body is saying.  If you feel that you need a break, it’s always better to take it out of precaution than to have something horrible happen later on.

Should you have any questions about safety this Spring, or any other time of the year, please do not hesitate to come in and talk to our staff at the Garner or Clayton locations. Here at Hudson’s Hardware, we want to see you and your family thrive, and the key to doing that is by doing things safely.