Beginners Guide to Raising Backyard chickens

Beginners Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens | Hudson's hardware

With the price of eggs on the rise, so many people are wanting to live more sustainably by having their own egg supply. If you just recently got some of our chicks from Chick Days, this guide is perfect for you.

Raising chickens in your backyard has so many benefits and it’s a fun and rewarding way to bring fresh eggs and delicious poultry to your dinner table. It can be a simple project that brings amazing rewards such as fresh, organic eggs, delicious chicken, and fertilizer for your garden as an added perk! Once you get your chicks, you want to make sure that their home is set up properly. Chickens need a safe place to eat, drink, sleep, and lay their eggs. A chicken coop is a perfect solution! You can purchase a premade coop or you can take the time to build a custom one of your own! This is where you can get a little creative. Ensure whatever coop you go with has plenty of ventilation and is predator-proof.

Chickens are vulnerable to predators such as foxes, coyotes, and even some birds. If you live in an area with a lot of predators, it’s important to take steps to protect your chickens. Chickens require a balanced diet to stay healthy. A good diet for chickens includes grains and vegetables. You can stop by our Clayton or Garner stores to check out our selection of chicken feed! It’s also important that they have access to fresh and clean water. Chickens will drink quite a bit of water, so it’s important to have something like a simple waterer to keep them nice and hydrated, especially as the weather gets hotter and drier.

At Hudson’s Hardware, we have everything you need so you can successfully raise your chickens. Whether you need to shop for your chickens or you need advice on what to do next, stop by our Clayton or Garner stores today.