Let Hudson’s Help Prepare You This Winter

Hudson's Hardware Winter Essentials

Cold winter weather means snow and ice! Let Hudson’s Hardware help you feel prepared during the winter months this year. Here are the top three winter essentials we carry that can help you through the colder months. 

1. Ice Melt and Sleds. With the winter weather in full effect, that means there’s a higher possibility for snow and ice. At Hudson’s Hardware, we carry a selection of ice melt and sleds so that you can make the most of the winter weather this season!

2. Spigot Covers and Pipe Insulation. Spigot covers are a wintertime essential. Did you know that water pipes start to freeze at 32 degrees? If you haven’t already, make sure to disconnect your water hoses, wrap up exposed piping, and cover spigots with insulated covers. Hudson’s Hardware carries everything you need to keep your pipes in top shape this winter. 

3. Blankets and Heated Watering. Did you know that Hudsons’s Hardware carries a full line of winter accessories and supplies for your animals? We have everything from blankets to water bowl heaters and heat lamps. Be sure to check out our Clayton or Garner location to shop for your animals this winter! 
Want to see what else we carry during the winter season? Stop by our Hudson’s Clayton or Garner store and let our staff help you stay prepared during the colder months.