Let Hudson’s Hardware Help You With Thanksgiving This Year!

Thanksgiving | Hudson's hardware

We’re here to help make sure your Thanksgiving is as easy as possible this year! From turkey fryers to grills, to seasonings, our Clayton and Garner stores will make sure you have what you need this holiday season. Here are three things we carry to help make your Thanksgiving a little less hectic this year. 

1. Turkey Fryer. Some of the most delicious-tasting turkeys are cooked by using a turkey fryer. It is such a treat if you’re used to oven-baked turkey. A deep-fried turkey crisps the skin to a tasty golden brown while sealing the delicious juices inside to keep the turkey moist and flavorful. Are you thinking of deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving? Visit our Clayton or Garner stores to check out the turkey fryers we have! 

2. Seasonings, Rubs, and Brine. You can’t cook your turkey without delicious seasonings, rubs, or brine! We have a large variety of different seasonings, rubs, and brine at our Clayton and Garner stores for you to come and check out for Thanksgiving. Whether you want to stick to the classics or find something new, there’s a flavor for everyone! 

3. Smokers and Grills. If you’re not quite ready to deep fry your turkey, you can try using a smoker this year for something new. A smoker is a great alternative to give your turkey a new flavor. Turkey isn’t the only thing you can cook in a smoker, either! Try smoking some of your tasty sides for a new depth of flavor to your food this year. While the grill is mainly the star of the show during the summertime, it can also be the star of the show on Thanksgiving! You can successfully grill your turkey or you can try out different sides or appetizers on the grill this year. Come visit our Clayton or Garner store to check out our smokers and grills! 

Are you starting to plan what you’ll be doing for Thanksgiving? Visit our Clayton or Garner stores and check out all of our Thanksgiving day essentials.