4 Ways To Prepare Your Lawn & Garden For Spring

Four ways to prepare you lawn & garden for spring

Spring is just a few months away! Take advantage of the wintertime to start preparing your lawn and garden for the warmer months. Here are four ways to get your lawn and garden ready for the springtime. 

1. Upgrade Your Tools. You can’t get far without the proper yard tools. Check your lawn and garden tools to see if you need to repair or replace any. Visit Hudson’s Hardware and let our experts help you decide on the best tools you need for your project. 

2. Re-seed Your Lawn. Do you have any bare spots in your lawn that you need to re-seed? Revive your lawn by using a seed and fertilizer mix to bring growth back to those spots. Do you need help with getting your lawn ready? Our experts at Hudson’s Hardware are happy to help you. 

3. Get Rid of Weeds. This is the perfect time to start treating your yard for those stubborn weeds that come up every spring. You work hard to have a beautiful lawn, so don’t let weeds get the best of it. Visit Hudson’s Hardware today and let our lawn and garden specialists help you prepare your yard and keep the weeds out for good. 

4. Get Your Outdoor Power Equipment Serviced. Make sure that your lawnmower starts up with no issues. If your lawnmower has any issues starting up, that can indicate that it’s time to get your lawnmower serviced or even get a replacement. Bring your lawnmower and other outdoor power equipment to our knowledgeable small engine mechanic at Hudson’s Hardware, and let us get it ready to go for the warmer months. We also offer outdoor power equipment rentals so that you don’t have any delays in your yard. 

Whatever your lawn and garden care needs are this year, our department experts are ready to help you every step of the way. Visit Hudson’s Hardware today and start shopping!