3 Ways To Protect Your Animals In Winter

Three ways to protect your animals in the winter

Jack Frost is here, and he is staying cool. Our animals need time outside, but the freezing temperatures can be harmful to them. Make sure your animals are protected from the winter air with these three tips.

  1. Give Them Shelter. It is very important that your animals have shelter from the cold. If you can’t bring your animals inside, make sure they have a place to go to avoid the harsh winds and wet weather that comes with winter. If you can, having an insulated shelter is even better to protect your animals from the cold.
  2. Keep Their Paws Clean. While your animals are out, it can be easy for ice, salt, and other winter debris to get stuck to their paws. This can be dangerous if your furry friend goes to lick their paws. The possible chemicals and toxins they may step in can be very harmful.
  3. Understand The Animal. Every animal is different. Some animals can tolerate cold weather more than others. Huskies, for example are, able to withstand the chilly weather better than a greyhound. Make sure you know how your animal tolerates the winter.

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