5 Winter Florals for Your Garden

Five winter florals for your garden

As Jack Frost comes to town, many people think that means their garden can’t withstand the chilly conditions. Don’t let the frost dull your garden! Keep it colorful with these five winter florals.

  1. Holly Bush. Hollies bring the perfect pop of red and green to your garden. These plants are perfect for the winter months and bring the holiday feeling with them. 
  1. Witch Hazel. These strappy flowers open up during the late winter showing off their vibrant yellow hues and sweet fragrance.
  1. Snow Drops. This reliable bulb returns year after year providing the perfect pop of color to your garden. Make sure to plant these in the fall to ensure they have a chilling period for a beautiful winter bloom.
  1. Camellias. These brightly colored beauties come in shades of pink, coral, red, and white. These flowers bloom just in time for the chilly season when their pop of color can be most appreciated.
  1. Star Magnolia. Watch as these petals open to reveal a beautiful blush or pale white color that brings along a sweet fragrance with it. 

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