4 Tools Everyone Should Own

Four tools everyone should own

Whether you are an expert handyman or you have never touched a tool in your life, here are some basic tools that everyone needs in their home. From fixing quick repairs to putting together furniture, here are 4 tools that will help you out.

1. Hammer: This essential tool is perfect for hanging all your photos, putting together pieces of self-assembled furniture, and removing nails from your walls.

2. Utility Knife: A utility knife has many purposes, but one of its greatest uses is opening boxes. Utility knives are also perfect for cutting and marking on hard surfaces.

3. Tape Measure: Having a tape measure can help ensure you have the right amount of space for all your decorations and furniture. Don’t buy something the wrong size again, next time just use a tape measure!

4. Duct Tape: It may sound silly, but duct tape is perfect for quick fixes. It can also be used for a temporary fix until you can get your hands on some better tools. You know what they say, “Duct Tape fixes everything.”

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