Level-Up Your 4th of July With These Four Grilling Tips

Grilling Tips | Hudson's Hardware

As summer begins, so many people start itching to get their grills out and start preparing mouthwatering, summer-inspired meals. The 4th of July is just days away and we want to share some tips that will help you elevate all of your summer barbecues.

Clean Your Grill While It’s Warm. Once your grill starts to cool down after use, that’s the best time to clean off your grill grates. When the grates are still warm, it helps to melt off some of the left behind stubborn food grime. Cleaning your grill after each use can really help improve the taste and the cook of your next meal. We also recommend giving your grill grates a scrub with a grill brush so that it keeps them as clean as possible.

Grilling Accessories and Seasonings. You can get the most out of your grilled meals with the help of different grilling seasonings and accessories. There are different accessories to try such as pizza stones, griddles, grill pans, and more. At Hudson’s Hardware, we also carry a great selection of different smoker pellets and seasonings like Trager, Redneck BBQ Lab, and even MeatChurch.

Never Over Flip. Did you know that if you repeatedly flip your food on the grill and press it too hard it can dry out, leaving the meat less flavorful and you and your guests unsatisfied? It’s important that you try and limit how many times you are flipping your food. Let the grill do the work for you and trust the process! You can use a meat thermometer to help you determine when your food is cooked through.

Upgrade Your Grill. You can’t be expected to host many cookouts or cook during the summer if your grill is outdated and has too much wear and tear. Your grill is the centerpiece for any barbecue so it’s important that yours is not only functional but is easy to use too. At Hudson’s Hardware, we have a great selection of grills, Blackstones, and smokers.

We want to help make sure that you have the most flavorful and memorable cookouts this summer. Whatever your grilling needs are, let us help you find it at our Clayton or Garner store. Happy Grilling!