Maintain Your Lawn This Season

With fall approaching right around the corner, it’s prime time to seed and maintain your cool-season grass. When you seed in the fall time, it helps to ensure that your lawn will be perfect by the springtime.

Seeding your lawn in the fall is beneficial because your seeds are being planted into the warm ground without running the risk of the summer heat drying them out. Be sure to watch the temperature. Seeding too late in the year could ruin your seedlings due to frost. If you haven’t seeded your lawn yet, now would be the time! 

When you’re seeding your lawn this season, don’t forget to aerate. This is a critical step to seeding your yard because it penetrates the soil with small holes so that air, water, and nutrients can get to the grassroots. This will help make your lawn luscious and thriving! If you don’t have an aerator, visit our Garner or Clayton store to rent one.

Make sure that you’re watering your seedlings. If your seedlings aren’t properly watered, they will not germinate and grow to give you that luscious lawn that you’re envisioning. Try watering every morning and night when the temperatures are at their lowest. 

From growing to mowing, our lawn and garden experts at Hudson’s Hardware are ready to help you! Visit our Clayton or Garner store today.