3 Ways To Get Your Pool Summer-Ready 

Summer is fastly approaching and the time for being poolside is almost here. Is your pool ready for you and your friends to enjoy this summer? Here are three ways you can start to get your pool ready for the season. 

1. Avoid Emptying Your Pool. It’s important that you know to never empty your pool unless you absolutely have to. Emptying your pool without proper help or guidance can result in your pool lifting out of the ground which can end in a total pool repair. Make sure you invest in a pool cover to help keep debris and leaves out of the pool. 

2. Clean It Out. It’s important to start getting your pool ready and open for the season. Start by clearing out any debris from the pool, and filters, and remember to remove any plugs. Remember to also give your pool a thorough “chemical open” before you plan on using it. 

3. Get Your Pool Water Tested. One of the most important steps to getting your pool prepared is to get your pool water tested. Not sure if your pool water is safe or sanitary to swim in? Just bring a sample of your pool water to Hudson’s Hardware, and we will test it for FREE! 
Our expert staff at Hudson’s Hardware will test your pool water for free and recommend the right chemicals to balance your pool. To prepare your pool for summer, stop by one of our Clayton or Garner locations today!