Early Spring Lawn Care

Spring has sprung and we all know what that means. It is time to get started working in the yard to prepare for the neighborhood’s Yard of the Month contest around the corner. 

Here are some of our tips to have your yard looking its best this spring and summer: 

  • Clean Up. Once the cold weather has passed and spring is in clear sight, this is a sign that it is time to clean up the yard. Homeowners can start by cleaning up debris like twigs, branches, and leaves. Un-mulched leaves will trap moisture, which can block sunlight from getting to the grass underneath, and eventually cause it to die. Raking the yard helps fluff up and separate grass shoots, promoting growth.
  • Seeding. Springtime is the ultimate time to seed your lawn. Cool season grasses can only be patched up during this time (save planting for fall) but warm season grasses can be planted when all danger of frost has passed. 
  • Fertilizing. In order to produce and maintain a dense, pest and weed resistant lawn adequate fertilization is needed. It is best to fertilize in late spring when the green grass starts growing eagerly. 
  • Aerating. Mowing, foot traffic and rain are just a few factors that cause topsoil to become pact. When this happens, it makes it difficult for water to penetrate the surface causing the grass to look as if it’s lacking nutrition. Spring aerations are highly effective because it enhances fertilization, allowing for a healthier and more sustainable lawn during the summer heat. 
  • Weed Control. Spring is the best time to start with weed control. Using a pre-emergent herbicide should help stop weed seeds from germinating. Weeds tend to absorb all of the valuable substances from the soil, so they need to be controlled. Catching them early will help avoid spreading. 

Stop by Hudson’s Hardware in Garner or Clayton for your lawn care needs this spring! We are prepared and ready to help you find what you need to have the best lawn in the neighborhood!