Chick Days at Hudson’s Hardware

Chick Days at Hudson’s Hardware: Who should attend?

The days are getting longer, and daffodils are popping out of the ground. These are sure signs of spring. And springtime is also a special time for animal babies are hatching, and new life surrounds us. At Hudson Hardware, springtime marks one of our annual events, Chick Days. There are many dates at both of our locations: Clayton and Garner.

Visit our Hudson’s Clayton or Hudson’s Garner Facebook page to see the 2022 Chick Days schedule.

Whether you are interested in Speckled Sussex, Golden Comets, or Rhode Island Reds, there will be many varieties of chicks at Hudson’s Hardware’s Chick Days. Different dates will feature different types of birds so check the schedule for details.

Who should attend Chick Days at Hudson’s Hardware:

  •  Backyard Farmers: Whether you are a long-time backyard farmer looking to your flock or just ready to get started with your first backyard chickens, Chick Days is the perfect opportunity to choose from different breeds and talk with us to learn the ins and outs of raising chickens.
  • Parents with Young Children: Young children are absolutely fascinated with baby animals. And holding a baby chick for the first time is a moment you don’t want to miss. Parents, bring your cameras and your little ones and watch them light up with excitement when they see the chicks.
  •  Anyone in our Community. Chick Days is a lot of fun for everyone. Come out and support Hudson’s Hardware at our annual event. With our first store opening in 1958, we have a long history of excellent service, support and satisfaction. Come to Chick Days and then stay to browse the store for a variety of things from our hardware section, lawn and garden department and outdoor equipment.

Mark your calendar now for our 2022 Chick Days! Visit our Hudson’s Clayton or Hudson’s Garner Facebook page to see the Chick Days schedule. It is the perfect opportunity to see many breeds of chicks and learn about raising chickens. We look forward to seeing you soon!