Easy Spring Flowers

Warmer weather is here and many people desire to be outside and planting flowers.   Spring is the ideal time to update your home’s landscaping.  With our busy lifestyles, it is often important that the plants we choose are easy to grow and to maintain.  We often worry that we will spend money on a ton of flowers, only to have them die just a week later.  Knowing and understanding which flowers are easiest makes gardening more fun.  

3 flowers to plant in the spring:

  •  Morning Glories: Morning glories are a colorful flower.  These flowers come in a variety of colors which is one thing that makes the attractive to many. Planting Morning Glories can be a fun project to do with kids.  Soaking these seeds in cups for a day in the home will aid in their success when you plant them. Place each sprouted seed six inches apart and cover lightly with no more than a quarter inch of soil. Make sure to water the seeds thoroughly and your seedlings will emerge within a week or so.  Remember though, it may be late July before you’ll see flowers. When these beautiful flowers do bloom, it is worth the wait. 
  • Marigolds: Marigolds have a reputation for being the easiest flower to grow from seed. Marigolds have a beautiful orange bloom that looks a lot like a small carnation.  Marigolds are known to repel insects.  People often plant them around their home for that reason.   To get started, dig into the soil about six inches just to loosen it. Then place the seeds right on top of the soil, with a few inches between them. After you’ve placed them, press them lightly into the soil, brush a bit of soil over the dents you’ve made into the soil and then water thoroughly, but try not to disturb the seeds. Your first flowers should appear within a matter of weeks and will last into fall. 
  • Zinnias: Zinnias have bright colored flowers and are known to attract butterflies. Beautiful flowers and butterflies certainly make for a fun Spring.   Zinnias should be planted in the same way as marigolds.  If you have the taller variety, they should be spaced about a foot apart and seedlings will appear in about the same amount of time.   

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