How to Keep Your Farm Animals Protected From The Summer Heat

The summer heat and humidity are rapidly approaching. Are you taking the proper steps to keep your farm animals safe this season? Here are three ways you can help prepare your farm animals for the hot weather.

1. Provide a Shaded Area. During the middle of the hot summer, it’s important that your animals have a place where they can access shade during the day. Providing a shaded area for your farm animals will help prevent dehydration. 

2. Fresh and Clean Water. Keeping your farm animals well hydrated is one of the most important things to do, especially during the summertime. Be sure to change out their water to avoid bacteria and algae in their water troughs. 

3. Reduce Stress. During the hottest days in the summer, it’s best to avoid hard work and stress as best as possible. Insects are another common issue that can cause aggravation to farm animals making them move excessively. Be sure to use bug spray and have some fans going! 

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