The Best Outdoor Power Equipment and Tools For The Summer 

With the right tools, you can ensure that your lawn stays healthy and thriving for as long as possible. Our dedicated experts are ready to help you get prepared for the summer. Here are four of the best outdoor power equipment and tools to help you this summer. 

1. A Good Quality Lawn-Mower. The quality of your lawn depends on your lawn equipment, so you should be sure to choose the right lawnmower for your lawn type. Our Outdoor Power Equipment specialists can help you with anything from choosing the perfect mower to repairing your current model. Visit Hudson’s Clayton or Garner today!

2. String Trimmers For Hard To Reach Places. String trimmers are great for clipping grass in areas that your mower can’t reach, such as around your mailbox, around garden beds, and along your driveway. Visit Hudson’s Garner or Clayton and talk with one of our expert specialists to help you shop today! 

3. Leaf Blowers. Leaf blowers are not only effective at removing leaves in the fall but can also be useful during the summer when it comes to getting rid of grass clippings and other outdoor debris. Come shop at our  Clayton or Garner location and check out our selection of leaf blowers today! 

4. Pressure Washers. A pressure washer can be useful for removing stains, dirt, and buildup from your house, porch, and driveway. Come to Hudson’s Garner or Clayton today to get a pressure washer and get your home ready for summer.  

For help with your next project or help in deciding what tools and equipment you need, drop by our Hudson’s Garner or Clayton locations and speak to our knowledgeable Outdoor Power Equipment specialists.